Mom Goes Camping


My name is Diane, and I’m starting this blog with the hope of inspiring other families — especially mothers and daughters — to go camping.  To get into nature.  To unplug.  To challenge yourself.

I’ve been an avid traveler for my entire life.  I’d go to orienteering meets all over the USA with my dad and sister.  We backpacked the Adirondacks near our home in Upstate New York.  I climbed my first mountain when I was 6.

This is me, probably on Mt. Marcy when I was 6

This is me, probably on Mt. Marcy when I was 6.  Haha — look how I’m posing! :p

At the time, I didn’t appreciate how important camping was for my development, but it was always a lot of fun.  Now, I am a mom and I’m taking my own kid camping, backpacking, and Couchsurfing too.  Isabel is 5 now and she made her first “trip” at 10 months, and first backpacking trip at 3 years old.  Yes, she has her own backpack (though she doesn’t carry it all the time).   I recently led 2 moms and their kids camping.  Just us moms and kids.  We all had a blast, and the kids grew so much.

camping family bonding

Isabel and me on our first backpacking trip together. She was 3.

Anyone can go camping.  I’m a single mom, I don’t know how to drive or have a car.  I am far from rich.  At 5’1″, I’m not exactly the strongest or toughest person in the world.

If I can do it, so can you.

I’m originally from the United States, but now I live in Serbia (that’s Serbia, not Siberia!).  So, most of the pictures you will see from me are from our trips to nearby Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. I realize that my way of travel might be a bit “extreme” for most.  Not everyone wants to hitchhike into the wilderness of the Balkans!  But I hope that my adventures will inspire you to find your own, and explore everything that camping can offer your family.