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Best Vegan Hiking Boots for Women

best vegan hiking boots for women

As a vegan, one of the hardest things is finding products which are normally made out of leather.  I can easily get by with a canvas wallet or belt, but I need durable hiking boots.


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My First Pair of Vegan Hiking Boots

When buying my first pair of vegan hiking boots back in 2005, I even had to make a special trip into NYC.  I got a pair of boots from the stores Moo Shoes.  They cost around $120 (a fortune for me at the time) – but the investment was worth it.  Over a decade later, I still have those boots (they got patched a few times).

The boots I’m wearing here I’ve had for 15 years!!! I still use them for stomping through snow in the winter, but have upgraded to lighter-weight boots for hiking.


While I still love those boots, they admittedly aren’t perfect.  Compared to other hiking boots, they are clunky and very heavy.  The hiking mantra goes, “A pound on your feet is worth five on your back.”

That mantra comes from studies which found that it takes 4.7 to 6.4 times more energy to move when weight is on the footwear instead of torso.

Luckily, there are more options for vegan hiking boots today than when I first went shopping in 2005.  That doesn’t mean there are many options though — especially for women. 🙁

Here are some of the best options for vegan hiking boots – including high-quality and budget options.


Best-Quality Women’s Hiking Boots

La Sportiva Women’s Vegan Boots

Sportiva “didn’t set out to make vegan shoes” but many of their models are vegan – including adhesives.  Best women’s hiking boot options include:

Trange TRK GTX Boot

Trango TRK GTX Boot

This boot is made from synthetics.  It has a one-piece design to minimize seams and make it more waterproof.  Buy Here.

Stream GTX Boot

sportiva stream gtx women's vegan hiking boot

This is a very breathable boot. It is made from Gore-tex Surround and Nano Cell upper. Buy Here.

Trango Tower GTX

la sportiva trango tower vegan

This is a 3-season ultralight hiking boot which can handle a lot of abuse.  But, yes, this does mean that the boot costs quite a bit. Buy Here

Trango Cube GTX

trango ice cube gtx vegan women's boot

La Sportiva advertises this as the “most technically advanced offering” in their Trango line.  It is made for hardcore trekking out of GoreTex Performance comfort, FlexTEc2 fabric, and other ultralight materials. Buy Here


In 2016 the hiking footwear company Treksta announced new vegan models. They don’t have too many vegan boots, but the options they do have are very high quality, durable, waterproof, and lightweight. Compared to other pro-quality brands, they are more affordable.

Treksta Evolution Mid 161 GTX – Buy Here

treksta evolution mid 161 gtx

Mammut Vegan Hiking Boots

I was surprised how many vegan hiking/outdoors shoes Mammut has.  Their customer service will even happily provide you with a list of them.  Most of them are low-top or running shoes though. Here are the women’s hiking boots that they offer:

Womens T Aenergy – Buy Here

Mammut Womens T Aenergy

Comfort High Surround Hiking Boot – Buy Here

Comfort High Surround Hiking Boot


Budget-Friendly Vegan Hiking Boots


inov 8 roclite vegan boot

I personally haven’t tried these shoes, so can’t attest to the quality – but they get good reviews. The company primarily makes running shoes, including some trail running shoes.  All of their shoes that don’t include leather or suede are vegan.  For hiking boots, the Roclite 286 GTX is popular.  Buy Here.

Manfen Women’s Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boots

Manfen Women’s Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boots vegan

These are very affordable boots that are made for cold, wet weather.  I haven’t tried them myself but they have a lot of positive reviews. Buy Here.

Xpeti Vegan Hiking Boots

A lot of cheap hiking boots are “accidentally vegan.” These are one of them.  They are from a Chinese company which makes a lot of budget hiking gear.  I haven’t tried them but they have good reviews and promise a lot in terms of performance.  They offer:

Thermador High Top Hiking Boots –Buy Here

Thermador High Top Hiking Boots

Dimo Mid Hiking Boots –Buy Here

 dimo mid vegan hiking boots for women

Are you vegan? What are your favorite vegan hiking gear? Let us know in the comments!

 Image credit: “Boots” (CC BY 2.0) by Kevin Doncaster

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