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Best Rain Suits for Crawling Babies (Tried and Tested Picks)

best baby rain suits

Unless you want to go crazy all cooped up inside during bad weather, a baby rain suit is one of the best things you can buy.  I got my baby a rain suit and waterproof booties when she was started crawling.  It allowed me to put her on wet, muddy ground on trips to the park (thus getting her nice and tired out for nap time!).  The rain suit also came in handy on travels and hikes.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many good options for baby rain suits. If your baby is a bit bigger, there are plenty of options for toddlers (see the best toddler rain suits here).  Here I’ve included rain suits for babies 3 months to 1 year old. A couple of these baby rain suits I used with my daughter.  Others were recommended by parents I know.  Here they are!

Quick Picks:

Every baby should be able to play with mud and worms 🙂


Important Features of Baby Rain Suits

Some baby rain suits look super cute but are very impractical in real life.  Like if it’s hard to get your baby out of it for a diaper change. Or if the pant legs keep riding up as your baby crawls around.  So, when choosing the best baby rain suits, I was mainly looking at these features:

  • Full-length zipper: This makes it so much easier to get your baby in/out of the rain suit.
  • Diagonal zippers: These make it possible to do diaper changes while your baby is still in the rain suit. Bonus points if the suit has multiple zippers!
  • Boot cuffs: These are elastic straps at the bottom of the rain suit or pants. They go over your baby’s feet. They are really important for keeping the pants from riding up.  Yet, few rain suits have these.
  • Adjustable elastic waist: This helps the rain suit fit better so it isn’t baggy. It’s a great feature, especially if you have a skinny baby.
  • Warm lining: Even in summer, a warm lining can make the rain suit more comfortable.  I prefer fleece linings as they dry fast, are warm, and are comfortable even against bare skin.
  • Hood features: Look for hoods which have straps or elastic to make them adjustable. A built-in brim is also great for keeping rain out of your baby’s eyes.
  • Reinforced areas: The knees (for crawling) and butt area (for sitting) should be reinforced with stronger materials.

baby rain suit riding up

My daughter’s rain suit didn’t have leg cuffs on it.  Notice in the photo how the legs rode all the way up to her knees! I eventually sewed the elastic cuffs onto the rain suit and it solved the problem.  *This photo was taken while exploring an underground city in Cappadocia, Turkey. Here we took a feeding break.  🙂


One or Two-Piece Rain Suits for Babies?

In my experience, it’s better to get a one-piece rain suit for babies and a two-piece for toddlers.  One-piece suits do a much better job of keeping your baby dry – especially when crawling, since mud can get up the jacket.  It’s also easier to do diaper changes in a one-piece suit.   Once you child starts potty training though, you’ll probably find a two-piece rain pant + jacket better.

My friend’s happy baby in her Hatley rain suit on a camping trip 🙂


Best Baby Rain Suits

1. Therm Kids All-Weather Rain Suit

therm kids all weather onesie for babies

I absolutely LOVE this brand of kid’s and baby rain suits!  The suits are designed specifically with active crawling babies in mind, so there are features like reinforced rubberized knees and booty.  All the materials are eco-friendly.  And the company is run by a cool mom, so you are supporting a small business if you buy it from them. 🙂

The suit doesn’t have elastic boot cuffs.  However, it does have fold-over cuffs.  This means your baby can wear the suit without shoes.


  • Sizes: 6-12 months (toddler sizes also available) 
  • Full length diagonal zipper with soft zipper guard
  • Soft microfleece lining
  • Fold-over cuffs
  • Rubberized knees and butt
  • 10,000mm waterproof rating
  • Made with 100% recycled materials
  • Reflective strips on front and back
  • Buy Here (or here in Canada), or on Amazon here

*Use code CAMPINGWITHMOM at checout to get 10% off your entire order!*

2. Hatleys Sherpa Baby Rain Suit

hatley rain suit bundler for babies

While this brand isn’t very wellknown in the USA, they make great quality rain gear for babies.  The design is incredibly smart with boot straps that will keep the suit in place.  It’s easy to get your baby in/out of the suit.  You can even do diaper changes while your baby’s arms are still in the suit. There isn’t any elastic around the waist, so the fit is a bit baggy. There are a few different designs but unfortunately they only have baby boys’ designs right now.


  • Size: 9-12 months
  • Full length diagonal zipper
  • Boot straps keep pants from riding up
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Microfiber lining
  • Brimmed hood
  • Buy Here 


3. Columbia Infant Critter Jitters Rain Suit

Columbia Infant Critter Jitters Rain Suit

I had this rain suit for my baby at 3-6 months and loved it.  As for practicality, the zipper goes down at a slight diagonal so diaper changes are easy. The material is very durable and handled an entire season of crawling without getting any rips or torn knees. I also really like how the hood is designed; the elastic and adjustable Velcro strap on the back give a great fit around your baby’s face.

The only very annoying thing about this baby rain suit is that there are no boot cuffs.  There is a Velcro strap but the pants still ride up. I sewed boot straps onto mine and that solved everything.  Note that the Infant Critter Jitters suits do not have the Outgrown feature which allows you to adjust the size.


  • Sizes: 0/3, 3/6, 6/12
  • Diagonal zipper
  • Elastic cuffs and waist
  • Velcro leg cuffs
  • Partial fleece lining
  • Adjustable hood
  • Buy Here


4. Tuffo Baby Rain Suit

Tuffo Muddy Buddy Baby Rain Suit

This is by far one of the most popular baby rain suits, mostly because it is cheaper than other options.  Despite the low price, it’s a decent quality and has some great design features.  I particularly love the double zippers as this makes it so easy to do diaper changes while outdoors.  The knees and butt are reinforced, which is good for crawling babies.   Just be warned that the fit is very baggy.  The hood also doesn’t fit well and there’s no way to adjust it.


  • Sizes: 1 year and up
  • Two diagonal zippers
  • Reinforced knees and butt
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Buy Here


5. Jan & Jul Waterproof Rain Suit

Jan & Jul waterproof baby rain suit

This rain suit is better suited for older babies who are starting to walk.  It is incredibly waterproof with a 10,000mm waterproof rating but still has a good breathability at 3000g/m2.   There is no insulating liner, so it’s a good choice for summer.  It’s pretty loose so will fit over a lot of layers too.   There’s an adjustable elastic waist to get a better fit.  I really wish the zipper went down into the leg area so it was easier to do diaper changes and that there were boot cuffs, but overall it’s a good rain suit.  If you get the 1 year old size for a smaller baby, it will be baggy but you’ll get more use out of it.


  • Sizes: 1 year and up
  • 10,000mm waterproof rating; 3000g/m2 breathability
  • Adjustable elastic waist
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Adjustable hood with brim
  • Buy Here


6. Polarn O. Pyret Waterproof Baby Pants

polarn o pyret baby rain pants

Polarn O. Pyret is a Swedish brand which makes great children’s clothing for bad weather. I had a pair of these rain pants.  My now-toddler has one of their shell jackets too (which I lucked out finding in a thrift store).  So, I can attest to the quality of these items.  Unfortunately, that quality does come at a cost.

I generally don’t like suspender-type rain pants for babies because it makes it hard to do diaper changes in the rain. However, they are perfect for crawling around on dry-but-muddy days. The elastic waist strap means they fit well. And thankfully the brand is smart enough to have boot straps so the pants don’t ride up all the time!


  • Size: 6-12 months
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Elastic waist for better fit
  • Boot strap
  • Buy Here


7. Jan & Jul Waterproof Puddle Pants

Jan & Jul Puddle Rain Pants for Babies

Also from Jan & Jul, these rain pants come in sizes 1 and up.  They are good for babies who are just starting to walk. I personally find the elastic waist more practical than suspenders for diaper changes.  I wouldn’t recommend these for crawling babies though because they don’t have a boot strap and will ride up quickly.  There’s also a fleece-lined option here.


  • Sizes: 1 year and up
  • Lots of cute styles
  • 10,000mm waterproof rating; 3000g/m2 breathability
  • Elastic cuffs and waist
  • Buy Here

Do you have a rain suit for your baby? 

Let us know what you love about it in the comments section below.


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