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The Best Baby Sleeping Bags for Camping

best sleeping bags for babies

Having the right baby sleeping bag for camping will ensure your baby stays warm and comfortable so everyone gets a good night’s sleep.  While there aren’t too many baby sleeping bags specifically made for camping available, the options which do exist are pretty great. 

Here are the best baby sleeping bags for camping (tried and tested!) as well as how to choose the right one.

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Best Baby Sleeping Bags for Camping

1. Morrison Little Mo 20F Sleeping Bag

Best For: Camping or backpacking, even in cold weather

Where to buy: Available here

This baby sleeping bag for camping was designed by parents who couldn’t find a suitable sleeping bag for their baby.  Their brand started as a Kickstarter and grew into a well-known company which has a huge following with outdoorsy parents.

The Little Mo 20F bag is made out of high-quality down.  It is incredibly lightweight at just 9oz, so is suitable for backpacking with your baby. It’s also very compact; once in the stuff sack, it’s about the size of a water bottle.

Currently, the Little Mo 20F is the only baby sleeping bag suitable for cold weather. It even has an insulated draft tube so no cold air can get in through the zipper. There’s a footbox and the hands area is closed so your baby’s hands stay warm too.

The only real downsides of this sleeping bag is that it might be a little “too serious” for some parents.  It’s best used for backcountry camping and not meant for strollers or hikes.

If you want to learn more, read my full review of the Little Mo sleeping bag here.

The Morrison baby sleeping bag is adjustable to fit babies from 6 to 24 months. Buy it here


  • Suitable for temps down to 20F
  • Fits babies 6-24 months
  • Machine washable
  • 800 fill power down
  • Water-resistant ripstop nylon outer
  • Built-in footbox to keep your baby’s toes warm
  • Comes with stuff sack
  • Weighs just 9oz
  • Bottom-opening zipper for easy diaper changes


  • Sleeves aren’t removable
  • Not stroller or car seat compatible
  • A bit pricy

*Morrison now has a trade-in program: When your baby outgrows the Little Mo sleeping bag, you can get cash-back for it PLUS a discount code for the toddler size bag.  The used Little Mo bags will be cleaned and sold at a discount with a portion of every sale going to HikeItBaby.

Get It Here


2. BabyDeeDee Sleep Nest Travel

babydeedee camping sleeping bag for babies

Best For: Camping in mild and warm weather

Where to Buy: Get it here  

The brand BabyDeeDee has made baby sleep sacks for a long time.  They recently released this one which is suitable made specifically for camping and outdoors.  Full disclosure: the company sent me a free one to test out.

The bag is TOG 3.5, which means it’s good down to about 50F. I’ve used it to camp in slightly colder weather, but had to put my baby in multiple layers to make it work.

While this might not be the warmest sleeping bag for a baby, it is probably the easiest to use.  I like that it has removable sleeves – which is good if you are camping in hot weather.

I really love that there are shoulder snaps. These make it possible for me to get my baby in/out while she’s sleeping without waking her. Here’s how it works: I open up the sleeping bag, including the shoulder snaps, before bedtime.  Then I rock her to sleep.  Once asleep, I lay her on the sleeping bag and zip/snap her inside.

The sleeping bag comes in three sizes from 0 to 36 months.  Note that many people complain that the sleeves are a bit narrow and short.  I asked for a larger size so I’d get more use out of it.

*Read my full review of the BabyDeeDee sleeping bag here.

baby in sleeping bag camping

Here’s my girl (at 13 months) in the BabyDeeDee sleeping bag.


  • Removable sleeves
  • Stroller-compatible
  • Bottom-opening zipper for easy diaper changes
  • Shoulder snaps for easily getting baby in/out
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant outer fabric


  • Not adjustable
  • Only good to 50F
  • Doesn’t come with stuff sack

Get It Here  


3. Morrison Little Mo 40F Sleeping Bag

Morrison Little Mo 40F baby sleeping bag

Best For: Car camping in warm and somewhat colder temperatures

Where to Buy: Available here

Here’s another baby sleeping bag by Morrison. The difference is that the 40F version is made from synthetic filling instead of down.  Because of that, the sleeping bag is cheaper.  Unfortunately, synthetic insulation is not as warm, compact, or lightweight.

One other difference between the 20F and 40F bags is that the 40F version has an option for open cuffs: you can unzip the hand area and fold back the cuffs to expose your baby’s hands.  If the weather gets cold, just zip the cuffs back up.  It’s definitely easier than trying to keep gloves on a baby.


  • Suitable for temps down to 40F
  • Fits 6-24 months
  • Machine washable
  • Polyester synthetic fill
  • Water-resistant ripstop nylon outer
  • Open or closed hand cuffs options
  • Weighs 15.1oz
  • Bottom-opening zipper for easy diaper changes


  • Not stroller or car seat compatible

Get It Here


4. Ergo Pouch 3.5 Tog Sleeping Bag

Ergo baby sleep suit

Best For: An everyday sleep sack that can works decently for camping too

Where to Buy: Get it here

While this sleep suit by Ergo Pouch might not be made for camping, it can still work for camping trips in mild weather.  The bag is 3.5 TOG, which means that it will keep your baby warm down to around 50F (so long as your baby is wearing a warm layer underneath).  You’ll need to put on 2+ layers for camping in colder weather with your baby.

The reason that this sleep suit is so popular is that it lets you zip the middle to create legs.  This features means you can use the sleep sack in baby carriers or strollers too. The downside of the zip legs is that the zipper doesn’t go all the way down the front, meaning it’s harder to get your baby in/out.

Since this sleeping bag isn’t made for camping, it isn’t even slightly waterproof or water-resistant.  If your baby has a diaper blowout, the cotton will take a while to dry.  Make sure you have a backup plan!

Note: The sleeping suit is 31.5 inches. Even though it says it fits 3-12 month old babies, it is going to be too big for young babies and too small for some older babies.


  • Zips to create legs
  • TOG 3.5
  • Available in lots of cute designs and colors
  • Machine washable cold; tumble dry


  • Cotton gets wet easily/not water-resistant
  • Not suitable for cold weather camping
  • 31 inch length might not fit well

Get It Here


5. Woolino Baby Sleep Sack

Woolino winter sleep suit

Best For: When you want a breathable sleeping bag for warm-weather camping

Where to Buy: Get it here

Woolino is a really popular brand of baby sleeping bags and pajamas.  While this sleep sack isn’t made for camping, it is a lot better than most other sleep suits because it’s made from wool.

Compared to other materials, wool is very warm but still breathable, which makes it easier to regulate body temperature.  Wool is also naturally water-resistant, so if your baby has a diaper leak, then the sleep sack will dry much faster than cotton sleep suits.

The sleep sack is rated for 4-season/winter use, but that’s obviously for indoors. Because there aren’t any sleeves on this sack, it’s not going to be suitable for cold temperatures.  Put your baby in a base layer and wool or fleece sleep suit with this bag and it will be good for most summer camping trips down to 45-55F at night.  For hot summer camping trips, just put your baby in breathable jammies.


  • Made from Merino wool and organic cotton
  • Naturally water-resistant and fast-drying
  • Available in sizes 0 to 18 months
  • Two way zipper for easy diaper changes
  • Zipper design makes it easy to get baby in/out, even while sleeping
  • Machine washable cold, hang to dry


  • No sleeves
  • Not suitable for cold-weather camping

Get It Here


6. 7AM Enfant Duoduone Bunting Bag

7AM Duoduone baby sleeping bag for camping

Best For: Camping or hiking with a baby in VERY cold weather

Where to Buy: Get it here

7AM Enfant is a brand from France which makes quality baby blankets and suits.  The Doudoune is actually meant to be a bunting bag but can work as a baby sleeping bag for camping.  Because the bottom snaps into legs, it can also be used in strollers or baby carriers.

The problem is that bunting bags are meant to be used outdoors in very cold weather – not for sleeping in a tent.  Unless you are camping in very cold weather, this one is probably too warm for your baby.

The sleeping bag comes in all sorts of colors.  There are three sizes: 0-3 (28 inches long), 3-6 (30 inches) and 6-12 (32 inches).


  • Good for very cold weather
  • Hand covers can be folded back
  • Easy to get baby in/out
  • Stroller compatible
  • Snaps in center to make legs
  • Ultra-soft inner material
  • Machine washable


  • Too warm for most camping trips
  • Sleeves not removable
  • Hood not removable

Get It Here


Choosing a Baby Sleeping Bag for Camping

Not sure which baby sleeping bag for camping to get? Here’s some advice about how to choose the right one.


Sleep Sacks vs. Camping Sleeping Bags

Sleep sacks (aka wearable blankets) are designed for babies who kick their blankets off at night.  They are meant to be used indoors and in a fairly warm room temperature.  They are not made for camping.

When I first went camping with my baby, I used a fleece sleep sack.  Because the sack wasn’t very warm, I had to dress her in a zillion layers of pajamas.  That made it really hard to regulate her body temperature and I was constantly worried that she was too cold.  Nighttime diaper changes were also difficult with all those layers.

By contrast, baby sleeping bags designed for camping are much easier to use outdoors. They are made from a water-resistant material which also does a good job of keeping dirt away. If the sleeping bag does get wet, it dries faster than a standard sleep sack. And, in the case of the Morrison sleeping bag, it is actually made for cold-weather.  It even has an option for keeping your baby’s hands covered at night.

In short, you can get by with a sleep sack when camping but sleeping will be much easier with a real camping sleeping bag for your baby.


How Warm Does the Baby Sleeping Bag Need to Be?

Almost every parent I’ve talked to was worried that their baby would be too cold at night in the tent.  It’s a legitimate concern — especially if you are trying to get by with a sleep sack instead of a real sleeping bag. To ensure your baby stays warm:

1. First Check the Actual Nighttime Temperatures

If you are camping anywhere with high elevation, the temperatures can drop unexpectedly low at night. It’s important that you understand what low nighttime temperatures to expect.  Don’t just rely on the local weather forecast: You might have to do some math to figure out that actual forecast. Then make sure your baby’s sleeping bag is warm enough for these temperatures.

2. Check the Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

Only the Morrison Little Mo sleeping bags have temperature ratings (40F or 20F, depending on the version). Other sleeping bags and sleep sacks use the TOG rating system. This rating tells what room temperature the sleep sack is suitable for.

The warmest TOG rating is 3.5, which is still only good for down to around 50F.  If you want to use a TOG 3.5 sleeping bag for camping in colder weather, you’ll have to put your baby in multiple layers of warm jammies.

3. Make Sure Your Baby Doesn’t Sweat

It’s really important that your baby doesn’t get sweaty if you want her to stay warm in the sleeping bag. Sweat = wet = evaporation = cold.

To prevent sweating, make sure you use breathable pajamas (preferably with a Merino wool base layer and fleece layer on top).  Also don’t over-bundle your baby. Your baby only needs as many layers are you are wearing to stay warm.

Still worried your baby will get cold in the tent? Read this.

baby sleeping bag TOG ratings

Features to Look For in Camping Baby Sleeping Bags

Below are some of the features of baby camping sleeping bags which you may want:

  • Reverse zipper: This feature is mandatory IMO. It means you can unzip the sleeping bag from the bottom to do diaper changes without removing your baby from the sleeping bag.
  • Removable sleeves: These are nice if you will mostly be camping in warmer weather.
  • Covered hands: This feature is great for camping in colder weather so you don’t have to worry about putting gloves on your baby.
  • Stroller compatible: Some baby sleeping bags have a hole in the back for stroller straps to go through.
  • Zippable legs: Sometimes there is a zipper so you can turn the bottom of the sleeping bag into legs. I don’t find this useful for sleeping but it is useful if you want to use the sleeping bag in a baby carrier or stroller.
  • Machine washable: Who wants to hand wash their baby’s sleeping bag?
  • Waterresistant material: Avoid cotton as this absorbs water like a sponge.


Other Baby Sleeping Gear for Camping

Your baby can have the warmest sleeping bag in the world.  But, if she doesn’t have a good sleeping pad, the she will not be warm. The ground will literally suck the heat out of her body.  I personally like the Therm-A-Rest RidgeRest.

If your baby rolls around a lot in her sleep (or you are worried about rolling over on your baby), then you might also want a portable baby camping bed.

And don’t forget about good pajamas. They need to be breathable and worn in layers. I like a Merino wool baby base layer with fleece jammies on top.

Baby DeeDee makes these cute fleece jammies which are great for camping (available in sizes from 3 to 24 months)

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  1. Robin Akers

    We have a 20 month old who prefers to sleep on her stomach. Any recommendations for using a sleeping bag for a tummy sleeper?
    For our firsts trips out we will be using a pack-n-play for her bed inside a tent. Towards the end of summer we hope to bring her on our back country overnight hikes.
    Thank you

    • Diane

      Whether she is a tummy or back sleeper shouldn’t matter much since the (good) sleeping bags don’t have hoods. Just make sure you have a good pad to put under her so her face stays warm (if it gets cold, you’ll need a pad even in the Pack and Play; those mattresses don’t have much R-value).

      I generally just use diapers as a pillow for my kid. For a tummy sleeper though, I’d at least put a towel (or shirt, fleece jacket…) under her face so her face isn’t right on the pad. You could even slip the pad inside of a fleece jacket so it doesn’t move around.

  2. Fred Hoffman

    Thank you for the tips!! I bought the baby deedee! Mo is a bit over budget for me! I appreciate this!

    • Diane

      I let my girl play in the sleeping bag before our first trip so she was used to it. Have fun camping with the little one!

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