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Best Toddler Sleeping Bags for Camping

best sleeping bags for toddlers camping

Just a few years ago, it wasn’t possible to find camping gear like sleeping bags for toddlers.  Parents who wanted to take their kids camping would have to use too-big sleeping bags or co-sleep with their kids (which I don’t recommend!).

There still aren’t too many brands making toddler sleeping bags.  In fact, there are only five which I recommend for serious camping – and two of these are even a bit too long for young toddlers (you’ll have to tie the end of the bag).


Best Camping Sleeping Bags for Toddlers

1. Morrison Big Mo Sleeping Bag

Big Mo 20 toddler sleeping bag

The Morrison Big Mo currently is the best sleeping bag for toddlers available.  The Morrison brand was started by outdoorsy parents.  When they couldn’t find any suitable sleeping bag for their baby, they decided to make one themselves (read the Little Mo review here).  Recently they came out with the Big Mo for toddlers.

There are two versions of the sleeping bag: 20°F down bag and a 40°F synthetic bag. Both versions have sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler wriggling out of the sleeping bag.  The 20°F is lighter (13.1oz) but even the 40°F bag is still pretty lightweight (1lb 3oz).

Both bags have tons of features like two-way zippers, machine washable, enclosed footbox, and a draft tube. The sleeping bags will definitely keep your toddler warm and comfy camping at night!


  • Temperature range: 20°F to 60°F (20F bag), 40°F to 60°F (40F bag)
  • Size: 2-4 years
  • Bag weight: 13.1oz (20F bag), 1lb 3oz (40F bag)
  • Fill: 650 fill-power RDS-Certified White Duck Down (20F bag), Hi-Loft Polyester Synthetic (40F bag)
  • Length: 42in
  • Machine washable
  • Two-way zippers 
  • Colors: Red, blue, and green
  • Buy the 20F Bag Here and Buy the 40F Bag Here – Use discount code Momgoescamping at checkout to get 10% off!


  • The 20°F bag has closed sleeves. Your kid will not be able to get his/her hands out.  The Big Mo 40°F has sleeves which can be open or closed.
  • You can also get it on Amazon here, but it’s better to support the company directly 🙂
  • Morrison also makes a larger version of this bag for 4-6 year olds called the Mighty Mo.


2. BabyDeeDee Travel Nest

babydeedee toddler sleeping bag

The brand BabyDeeDee has made baby sleep sacks for a long time.  Their Travel Sleep Nest which is meant for indoor and outdoor use.  Full disclosure: The brand sent me one of these to try out with my daughter.

The sleeping bag is made from a warm, quilted material that is fairly easy to clean.  It is a TOG 3.5 rating, which means it will be suitable for around 60F.  If you want to use it for colder nights camping, you will need to bundle your toddler in layers.

There are a lot of nice features to this sleeping bag, particularly the removable sleeves and snaps at the top.  All the features make it easy to do diaper changes and get your child in/out easily.

I used the 18-36 month size Baby DeeDee bag when my girl was around 1 year old. She’s 2 years old now and the same bag still fits her. The only issue is that she can “escape” from this sleeping bag easily.  I had to sew the shoulder snaps closed to keep her inside! This is only an issue if your kid hates covers as much as mine does. 🙂


  • TOG 3.5 (comfortable down to around 60F)
  • Age: Up to 36 months
  • Colors: Pink, blue, and gray
  • Machine washable 
  • Removable sleeves
  • Two-way zippers
  • Stroller compatible 
  • Buy It Here


3.  REI Kindercone Kids’ Sleeping Bag

Kindercone sleeping bag

The REI Kindercone sleeping bag is best suited for kids starting at 4 years old, but it can also work very well for toddlers around 2 years old.  The full length of the bag is 66 inches but there is a built-in drawstring for cinching up the bag.  This makes a big difference in trapping warmth!  I still wouldn’t use it camping with a toddler at 25F (unless your kid is bundled very well) but it will keep you toddler toasty in the 30s.

As expected from REI, the toddler sleeping bag is of professional quality. It’s too heavy to use for backpacking but is great for car camping trips.  Also, bear in mind that this sleeping bag will probably be too warm for summer camping at low elevations.


  • Temperature rating: 25F 
  • Bag weight: 3lbs 4oz
  • Fill: Synthetic
  • Length: 66 inches
  • Adjustable length
  • Two-way zipper
  • Machine washable
  • Buy Here (REI)


4.  AceCamp 30F Mummy Sleeping Bag

To be clear, this sleeping bag won’t actually keep your toddler warm in 30F weather.  The temperature listed is for the low rating and not comfort. Plus, the sleeping bag is 5 feet long – which is way too long for a toddler — so a lot of heat will be lost.  The bag is better suited for older kids.

That said, this sleeping bag can work well for toddlers. It has cool designs which glow in the dark (there’s a blue version too).  So, your toddler might actually be excited about getting in it. The mummy shape helps hold heat, so your toddler should be warm in temperatures around 45F.  Just make sure you have a good sleeping pad and warm jamies.

I still like the Morrison sleeping bags better, but this is good if you only go camping in mild weather and want something which will still fit your toddler as she/he grows.


  • Rating: 30
  • Weight: 1lb 15oz
  • Size: 60 inches long, 24 inches wide
  • Colors: Purple or blue
  • Drawstring hood
  • Machine washable 
  • Two-way zippers
  • Buy It Here


5. Big Agnes Little Red Kids

Big Agnes toddler sleeping bag

the best thing about this sleeping bag is that there is a “pad sleeve” – a sleeve where you put your sleeping pad so your child can’t roll off of it at night. It fits a 20×48 rectangular sleeping pad (compatible with the Big Agnes Short Length pad).

Some other nice features include a hood which can be easily cinched up around your child’s face. There are also storage pockets inside the sleeping bag, which is important for keeping your child’s stuffed animals (or, as we call them, “Cuddly Friends”) from getting lost in the bag.   If your child has an accident, there are exterior loops so you can easily hang the bag to dry.

The downsides? This sleeping bag is a bit long for a toddler.  Also, it currenlty isn’t in production anymore so you might have trouble finding it.


  • Temperature rating: 15F
  • Max height: 4.5 feet
  • Bag weight: 1lbs 12oz
  • Fill: 18oz M4 synthetic insulation
  • Colors: Red
  • Interior pockets
  • Sleeping pad sleeve
  • Available at: Amazon, Backcountry, Campsaver and EMS


How to Choose a Toddler Sleeping Bag for Camping

If you look for a toddler sleeping bag online, chances are you’ll see something like the bag shown below.

Unnivoll Baby Sleep Sack 6-12 Months 3 Pack 100% Cotton Lightweight 0.5 TOG Wearable Blanket Baby Sleep Bag with 2-Way Zipper for Newborn Infant Blue

These types of sleeping bags work well enough for sleepovers. They might be okay for camping in really warm temperatures too.  But they aren’t meant for tent camping in temperatures below 50F or so.

For camping, look for toddler sleeping bags which are:

  • Mummy shaped: This traps heat better
  • The right size: If the sleeping bag is too big, there will be too much room and it won’t be able to trap heat well.
  • Temperature rated: Be warned that most bags list the lower limit rating and not the comfort rating. The comfort rating is usually 10-25F higher than the listed rating.
  • Sleeves: Most toddlers won’t keep their arms inside a normal sleeping bag.  Once their arms come out, so does the warmth.  Unless you know that your toddler will keep arms inside, choose one with sleeves (which means the Morrison or BabyDeeDee bag).


Adapting a Youth Sleeping Bag for a Toddler

I really don’t recommend using a kids sleeping bag for a 1-year old.  Get the Morrison or BabyDee sleeping bag for kids this young. However, you might be able to use a youth sleeping bag for a 2-year old or older toddler.

You will need to:

  • Tie the end of the sleeping bag to make it shorter
  • Or stuff the bottom of the sleeping bag with a blanket to fill the empty space

Unfortunately, there’s no way to shorten the width of the sleeping bag. That means your tiny toddler might be swimming around in the youth sleeping bag.  A lot of heat will be lost around the neck area. You probably won’t be able to cinch the hood (if there is one) because your toddler will literally get lost inside the bag.

Yes, it can still work — but you might want to bring a blanket or two as a backup.  And it helps to test out the sleeping bag at home first instead of discovering how giant it is on your toddler once you are at camp.


Need more advice? Read:


What sleeping bag do you use for your toddler? Let us know in the comments.

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