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BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 vs. BOB Alterrain Strollers

bob revolution flex vs alterrain strollers

The brand BOB makes three fantastic strollers for off-road jogging and hiking: the Revolution Flex 3.0, Alterrain and Alterrain Pro.  Here’s what you need to know to decide between the three strollers.  

Quick Verdict:

The biggest differences between the strollers are that the regular Alterrain has one-handed folding and the Pro model also has a hand brake. The Revolution Flex 3.0 costs significantly less. It folds with two hands but this means the fabric folds inwards.

  • Choose the Alterrain Pro if: You go on hilly terrain often.
  • Choose the regular Alterrain if: You want one-handed folding.
  • Choose the Revolution Flex 3.0 if: You have a lower budget or would rather have two-handed folding than the fabric folded outwards.


Want to check prices?
Find the BOB
Alterrain here at Amazon and here at REI.
The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is here at Amazon or at REI.


What’s the Strollers Have in Common

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 and Alterrain strollers have a lot of similarities.  These are the major ones:

  • Wheel size: The strollers use the same wheels. The front wheel is 12.5 inches and the back two wheels are 16”.
  • Air-filled tires: The tires have good traction and tubes
  • Max weight: 75lbs
  • Foot brake: Flip-flop friendly
  • Lockable front wheel: It can be in locked or 360 degree swivel position
  • Adjustable handlebar: You can put the handlebars in multiple positions


Differences between the Revolution Flex 3.0 and Alterrain Pro

revolution flex 3.0 stroller

Revolution Flex 3.0 (above)

Alterrain Pro stroller (above)


1. One-Handed Folding

The both Alterrain models have one-handed folding. However, as with other off-road strollers like the Thule Urban Glide 2.0, the method means the fabric is outwards when folded. By contrast, you need two hands to fold the Revolution Flex 3.0 but the fabric is inwards.

Note you’ll probably need two hands to get the stroller into your car anyway, so the one-handed folding might not be that useful for you.

Folding the BOB Revolution (Above)


Folding the Alterrain (Above)


2. Hand Brake

The Alterrain Pro stroller has a hand brake.  The regular Alterrain and the Revolution Flex 3.0 do not.  You probably don’t need a hand brake if you only go on flat terrain.  However, the hand brake comes in handy if you are on hills though as it allows you to slow down.

Keep in mind that strollers get HEAVY with bigger babies or kids sitting in them. A hand brake helps you control speed on the downhill or snowy weather.


3. Suspension System

The Revolution Flex 3.0 has an amazing suspension system that is similar to the ones found on mountain bikes.  For both Alterrain models, BOB updated this system to the Smoothshox.  I honestly couldn’t tell you what the technical differences are – just that the Smoothshox suspension apparently handle bumps better.

Is the Smoothshox suspension really that much different? If you primarily walk go on smooth terrain, it probably doesn’t matter.  If you run on bumpy terrain though, it might be worth paying more for an Alterrain stroller instead of the cheaper Revolution Flex 3.0.

bob stroller suspension system


4. Size and Weight

The Revolution Flex 3.0 is slightly lighter and more compact than the Alterrain strollers when folded.  There isn’t much of a size difference with the wheels removed though.  It is incredibly easy to remove the wheels on both strollers, and you’ll probably do it frequently to get the strollers into your car trunk.

Check the measurements carefully to make sure the stroller will fit in your car trunk!  An inch could actually make a big difference!

Revolution Flex 3.0:

  • Folded (wheels on): 39″x24.5″x16″
  • Folded (wheels off): 35″x20″x10″
  • Weight: 28.5lbs


  • Folded (wheels on): 25″x25.5″x16″
  • Folded (wheels off): 33″x20.5″x13″
  • Weight: 31.3lbs

Alterrain Pro:

  • Folded (wheels on): 3″x25.5″x17″
  • Folded (wheels off): 33″x21.5″x13″
  • Weight: 32.3lbs


5. Appearance

IMO, the Alterrain strollers look more sleek and attractive than the Revolution Flex 3.0.  The Alterrain also comes in several different colors. If you are using a jogger as your everyday stroller, I completely understand why you’d pay more for the more attractive stroller!


6. Extras

The Alterrain Pro has a few extras that the Revolution Flex 3.0 does not have.  These include:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Zippered basket
  • Extended canopy
  • Extra vents
  • More reflective strips

Note that the regular version of the Alterrain doesn’t have these features.  Read about the differences between the Alterrain and Alterrain Pro.


7. Price

The Alterrain Pro is the most expensive of the three strollers. The regular Alterrain is slightly cheaper.  The Revolution Flex 3.0 usually costs at least $100 less and can often be found on sale or secondhand.  The Alterrain is the newer model so is harder to find on sale or used.


Revolution Flex 3.0 vs. Regular Alterrain

BOB also makes a regular version of the Alterrain stroller. Unlike the Pro version, it does not have a hand brake, waterproof fabric or zippered basket.  So, the only real differences between the two strollers are that the regular Alterrain has a slightly better suspension system and can be folded with one hand.

The prices of the regular Alterrain and Revolution Flex 3.0 are almost the same (though you can often find the Revolution on sale at Amazon).   So, it basically comes down to whether you want to pay a bit more for the regular Alterrain to have one-handed folding and a slightly better suspension system. If you don’t care about these features (or don’t want a stroller which folds with the fabric outwards!), then the Revolution is the way to go.

Ready to buy?  Get the Alterrain at Amazon or REI.  Find the Revolution Flex 3.0 here at Amazon or at REI.


Comparison Table

 BOB Revolution Flex 3.0BOB All Terrain ProBOB All Terrain
Stroller weight28.5lbs32.3lbs31.3lbs
Hand BrakeNoYesNo
Folded Size, Wheels On39"x24.5"x16"39.3"x25.5"x17"39.25"x25.5"x16"
Folded Size, Wheels Off35"x20"x10"33"x21.5"x13"33"x20.5"x13"
One-Handed Fold?NoYesYes
Folds with FabricInwardsOutwardOutward
Pockets6+basket5+zippered basket5+basket
Buy AtAmazon, REIAmazon,REIAmazon, REI

Image credits:
icestrolling” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by dolanh,
Double BOB Stroller” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by John and Christina
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