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DIY Hiking Pee Cloth (No-Sew Kula Cloth Alternative)

no sew DIY pee cloth for hiking

Drip-drying is fine for day hikes.  If you are going hiking for longer though,  things can get funky quickly if you don’t wipe.  I used to pack toilet paper out with me, but then I got sick of carrying tons of TP plus a bag for it.  I tried a bandana, but it got dirty hanging off of my pack and wouldn’t stay dry in the rain.  So, I found a solution in this stupidly-easy new-sew pee cloth for hiking.

Note: I would have just bought the Kula Cloth pee rag or the Animosa P-Off cloth.  Both have nice features like snaps and can clip to your pack. But I live in Eastern Europe and the cost of shipping is insane.  So, I decided to improvise my own pee rag 🙂

kula cloth for hiking

Kula cloth (above)



Step 1: Find a Cheap Wallet

The plastic and nylon on the outside of the wallet will keep the pee cloth clean and dry.  I used the most ridiculous wallet I could find.

hiking pee cloth instructions

Step 2: Cut Out Interior of Wallet

You don’t need the pockets inside the wallet.  But you do need the zipper.  The zipper is what will hold your pee cloth in place.

No zipper on the wallet?  You’ll need to use a piece of cordage or ribbon.  Sew one side of the ribbon to the top left of the wallet.  Sew the other side of the ribbon to the top right.  Now you have a string going across the wallet where you can hang stuff.making pee cloth step 1

Step 3: Get Microfiber Towels

I got some small-sized microfiber towels at a local drug store.   They are nice and soft 🙂

microfiber clothes

Step 4: Insert the Cloth into the Wallet

Insert the cloth so one side is behind the zipper/ribbon.   Then fold it over so the other side is in front of the pee cloth for hiking instructions


Step 5: Cut Off Excess

Cut off any of the cloth that extends outside of the wallet.  This will screw up the edges of the cloth a bit.  You’ll need to rub the edges to remove pee cloth for hiking instructions


Using the Pee Cloth

The image below is what the folded pee cloth looks like.  It fits in my hiking pack side pocket.  It managed to stay dry inside even in the pouring rain (though I did screw up and leave it in my wet jacket pocket overnight, and the towel got drenched.)diy pee cloth for hiking

I found it really easy to use and especially helpful when I was backpacking on my period.   As it got dirty, I just adjusted the position of the cloth so a clean area was exposed.  On longer trips, I’ll bring at least one backup microfiber clothes to put in it.  I love that I can just toss the clothes into the laundry machine when I get home.  The wallet itself hasn’t started to stink but I could wipe that down if necessary.

Do you use a pee cloth?  Let us know your tips in the comments section below!

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Diane Vukovic grew up camping and backpacking in upstate New York. Now, she takes her own daughters on wilderness adventures so they can connect with nature and learn resiliency. With dozens of trips under her belt, Diane is an expert in minimalist camping, going lightweight, planning, and keeping her kids entertained without screens.

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  1. Rehan

    You can try CIRCE CARE pee cloth available in Europe. Check, also available in Amazon.

    • Diane

      Thanks for the tip. I live in Serbia though, and almost no one ships here. :/

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