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Camping While Pregnant: 7 Tips to Make It Easier

camping while pregnant tips

I went wild camping while pregnant. Unfortunately, that trip didn’t go so well and I didn’t get to go again because of my severe hyperemesis gravidarum.   But I’m not the only pregnant woman to go camping.  Here’s a guest post with tips on how to make camping easier while pregnant.

Never one to let a little thing like being pregnant stop me, I’ve done everything from hiking to backpacking while growing a baby, although I will admit, it has not always been easy.  I’ve discovered some ways to make camping a whole lot easier while pregnant.


1. Don’t Go Alone

Normally I’d say that there is nothing wrong with a woman camping or hiking alone.  But, even if your pregnancy is going really smoothly, you shouldn’t put yourself in a situation where you are all alone in the wilderness.  What if you start feeling faint? What if a medical problems sudden occurs?  It will make your life easier to bring a (reliable) friend along with you.


2.  Have a Bathroom Plan

Although you might usually be the type of camper who likes to rough it in the woods, when you are carrying a baby who is pressing on your bladder, it is useful to be near decent facilities. It is also vital to stay hydrated while pregnant to keep healthy and ease swollen ankles, so you will be glad of a camping spot near the toilets, especially for those middle of the night trips to the restroom!

If you are wild camping somewhere without a bathroom, make sure that you can still squat.  If not, you might want to get a solution for peeing while standing up, such as a Go Girl.

When you can't squat, this makes it possible to pee while standing up

When you can’t squat, this makes it possible to pee while standing up


3. Invest in a Good Camp Bed

Even the most hardened of campers will agree that sleeping on the floor isn’t a whole load of fun. Add to that a wriggling baby bump and pregnancy insomnia, and it just makes sense to treat yourself to an air mattress or a camp bed. These can be relatively cheap, but be sure to get something super light, as you don’t want to give yourself extra weight to carry.


4. Look for Shade

When you are pregnant, you are more likely to burn, so keep this in mind when you are camping! Avoid going on walks in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest, and try to sit in the shade where possible. Of course, keep applying plenty of that sunblock too.

camping in the shade


5. Check Your Cooking

It is so important when pregnant to make sure that all food, especially meat is cooked correctly to avoid food poisoning. When you are cooking on the camping stove, it is better to overcook than undercook, so be sure to check all your food to ensure that it is well done. It can be easy to forget these rules when you are away from home, but it is just as important to keep up your safe eating while you are camping.

Likewise, make sure you will actually be able to eat whatever food you bring.  If you are like some who get really sick while pregnant, you might not be able to stomach anything that you brought.


6. Be Extra Cautious about Water

You should always filter backcountry water to avoid risk of ailments like giardia.  While pregnant, you should be extra cautious.  Make sure you are even washing your dishes with filtered water and aren’t letting any untreated water touch the caps of your water bottles.   Diarrhea is never fun, but especially not while you are pregnant! The Sawyer Mini is great for treating water.


7. Take It Easy

As much as it is important not to let being pregnant stop you from doing things, that’s not to say that you have to go full steam and keep up with everyone in the same way that you did before you got pregnant. Remember, you are growing a baby and that can be exhausting!

Be sure you don’t put too much in your backpack and are wearing your pack correctly. Make time to rest and schedule in naps and make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.

Camping while pregnant isn’t easy, but it is amazing to be able to enjoy your favorite adventures with a baby on board! You may have to make some adaptations but it will be worth it to make memories.

Do you have any more tips for camping whilst pregnant? Let me know in the comments!


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Diane Vukovic grew up camping and backpacking in upstate New York. Now, she takes her own daughters on wilderness adventures so they can connect with nature and learn resiliency. With dozens of trips under her belt, Diane is an expert in minimalist camping, going lightweight, planning, and keeping her kids entertained without screens.

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