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List of Sleeping Bags with Pad Sleeves

sleeping bags with pad sleeves

One cool sleeping bag feature is a pad sleeve. It’s a fabric slot sewn on the bottom of the sleeping bag.  You put your sleeping pad in the sleeve, making it nearly impossible to roll off your pad.  For side sleepers who switch sides, it also prevents your sleeping bag from getting all twisted up.

Another cool benefit of pad sleeves is that they make packing up easier: keep the deflated pad in the sleeve and pack them up together.  You might need a larger stuff sack though.

Unfortunately, not too many brands of sleeping bags have the pad sleeve feature.  Big Agnes is the only brand (that I’m aware of) which makes a kids bag with a pad sleeve.   If you know of any more good sleeping bags with pad sleeves, tell us in the comments section below!

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Big Agnes

Big Agnes has tons of bags with pad sleeves.  Here is the current list.  The links are for Amazon.  You can also find Big Agnes bags on REI here.  They are pricy but Big Agnes gear is good quality and well-designed.


Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs is another good brand of sleeping bags with sleeves.  They are really pricy though.


Other Brands


Bags with Pad Loops

Instead of a pad sleeve, another option is to get a sleeping bag with pad loops.  You put a pad strap around your air mattress.  Then connect the bag loops to the strap.

Some bags with pad loops are:


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