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Baby Camping Gear: Top Picks

baby camping gear

Here’s a roundup of the best baby camping gear. A lot of this gear I’ve tested while camping with my baby.  Some of the gear was recommended by other outdoorsy parents who took their babies camping.  I’ve also included links where you can find more info on gear. Hopefully this will help you find the right baby camping gear for your needs.

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Tent: Coleman Montana

coleman montana tent

You might want to upgrade to a bigger tent once you start camping with a baby.  The Coleman Montana is perfect because it gives you lots of headroom and a tall door for getting in/out easier. There is also plenty of storage space and enough sleeping room if you want to use a baby bed inside.  Despite being so large, the tent is very quick and easy to setup.  It will withstand bad weather and has great ventilation.  Oh, and it doesn’t cost a fortune either. 🙂

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Baby Sleeping Bag: Morrison Little MoMorrison sleeping bag

Morrison Little Mo is by far the best baby sleeping bag for camping.  The 20F down bag is even lightweight and warm enough for backcountry camping or backpacking.  The 40F bag is a bit bulkier but it is more affordable and also has loads of features like bottom-opening zip and fold-back sleeve cuffs.

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Sleeping Pad: Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest

The RidgeRest sleeping bag is firm enough for a baby while still being comfy.  It has an R-value of 2.  You can fold the sleeping pad in half to double the R-value to 4, which will ensure your baby stays warm even on really cold ground.  Because the pad is made of foam, you can use it as a changing pad on the ground without worrying that it will puncture like self-inflating camping pads.

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Bed for Infants: Brica Travel Bassinet

Brica portable baby bassinet for camping

Compared to other portable baby beds, the Brica is really great for camping.  It folds down compact so won’t take up too much valuable trunk room.  There is a mosquito net integrated into the bed, so you can let your baby sleep outside without worrying about bugs getting to her. Also see these best portable baby camping beds.

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Chair: Baby Delight Go With Me Camping Chair

baby delight go with me camping chair

There are a few different baby camping chairs that I like but the Baby Delight is the top pick.  The chair has a removable feeding tray and also a sun shade.  The 5-point harness keeps your baby safe in the chair. You will get a lot of use out of the chair because it converts into a kids camping chair when yoru baby outgrows it.  Also see these other best baby camping chairs.

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Play Pen: Baby Delight Go with Me Nod Deluxe Portable Cribbaby delight nod deluxe portable crib for camping

While the Pack n’ Play is the most popular option with parents, I prefer this portable play pen for camping.  It’s much lighter and more compact.  Plus, one of the mesh walls also unzips, which means you can get a sleeping baby from above or from below so you’re less likely to wake her in the process.

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Stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2.0thule urban glide 2.0 all terrain stroller

The Thule Urban Glide 2.0 stroller is an off-road beast which can handle even tougher trails. The suspension system and large air-filled wheels absorb the impact so your baby stays safe. There are also loads of features like a foot break and lockable front wheel for jogging. Also see these best off-road strollers.

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Carrier: Deuter Kid Comfort

deuter kid comfort active womens SL hiking carrier for women

When it comes to baby backpack carriers, Deuter Kid Comfort almost always gets the top pick.  It has a comfortable straps, good back ventilation, a suspension system that can handle up to 40lbs, and lots of storage.  It’s adjustable to fit small torsos too but, if you are very petite, you might want the Women’s Version which is designed to better fit a woman’s shape. Also read these tips for using hiking carriers.

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Baby Rain Suit: JAN & JUL Fleece-Lined Rain Suitbaby rain suit for camping

You’ll absolutely want to bring a rain suit for your baby when camping.  Even if the conditions are rainy or muddy, you’ll still be able to put your baby on the ground to crawl around and play.  This baby rain suit by Jan & Jul is lined with fleece so your baby stays warm too.

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Tent Lantern: LedLenser ML4 Lantern

ledlenser camping lantern

It’s incredibly useful to have a red light setting on your tent lantern.  The red light lets you see in the dark but without blinding your baby (good luck getting baby back to sleep after turning on a white light lantern!).  This lantern also has other features like variable brightness, quick-charge battery, low-battery indicator, and a carabiner hook.

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