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Best Kids Camping Chairs (for Ages 2 to 10)

best camping chairs for kids

Want a kids camping chair so your little ones can sit in front of the fire or hang out comfortably at camp? In addition to finding a cute design, you’ve got to make sure the camping chair is actually the right height for your kids so they can get on/off it by themselves and the chair won’t topple over.  Here’s what you need to know about kids camping chairs and the top picks for ages 2 to 10.

Quick Picks:

  • Best Overall: Coleman Kids Quad Chair because it’s 10″ off the ground, lightweight, very sturdy, has a cool (but not cheesy) design, and is suitable for ages 3-7
  • Best for Older Kids: REI kids camp chair is a quality chair which will grow with your kids; suitable for ages 4-10 years old
  • Best for Toddlers: The OmniBoost chair is low to the ground so toddlers can get in/out by themself and it has a removable tray for mealtime.
  • Best for Cuteness: Melissa and Doug camping chairs are cute, affordable, and good for kids 3-5 years old


Best Camping Chairs for Kids

*Note that I used the seat height, weight limit, and dimensions to determine the appropriate age range for these camping chairs; the age range might not match what the manufacturer listed in the product description.


1. Coleman Kids Quad Chair

Best for: A sturdy camping chair which is low enough to the ground so even little kids can easily get in/out

  • Weight capacity: 160lbs
  • Chair weight: 3.7lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 8 x 24 x 15”
  • Seat height: 10.2inches
  • Age range: 3-7
  • Buy Here

This kids camping chair is a good balance between fun designs and practicality.  Kids will like the fact that the chair has glow-in-the-dark elements on it.  Parents will like that it has a low seat height of just over 10 inches, so even little kids will be able to get in/out easily.

Note the chair is smaller than it seems in the pictures.  While it should last your kids a few years of camping and has a high weight limit, older kids will get cramped in the chair.  If your children are tall, it might only be okay up to 5 years old.

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2. REI Co-Cop Kids Camping Chair

rei kids camping chairs

Best For: A very durable yet lightweight camping chair which will grow with your kids

  • Weight capacity: 125lbs
  • Chair weight: 4lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 24.5 x 26.5 x 16”
  • Folded dimensions: 5×25”
  • Seat height: 11 inches
  • Age range: 4-10 years
  • Buy here

REI’s kid camping chair is everything you’d expect from the company: good-quality camping gear at an affordable cost.  The chair is made from a solid construction and is very sturdy.  It won’t wobble around, even on uneven ground.  The seat height is 11 inches, which means it will be too tall for toddlers and they’ll need some help getting out of the chair.  It’s better for slightly older or taller children.  The chair only comes in blue and red, with no designs, but it means older kids won’t be stuck with a babyish chair.

The chair doesn’t come with a carrying case but there is a strap built into the chair for easy carrying.  It’s only 4lbs, which is pretty lightweight for the sturdiness, so maybe you’ll even be able to get your kids to carry it themselves (here’s to wishful thinking!).

Get it here

3. Hiccapop Omniboost Folding Chair Tray

Best For: A toddler chair for meals and snacks

  • Weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Chair weight: 2lbs 10oz
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D):  12.5″ x 11 3/4″ x 12.5″
  • Folded dimensions: 15″ x 4″ x 4″
  • Seat height: 6″
  • Age range: 6 months to 3 years
  • Buy here

The OmniBoost is a fantastic portable chair for toddlers.  The main thing to love is that it has a removable tray, so you can plop a toddler in there for snacks or meals.  You can also remove the entire seat fabric and wash it for easy cleanup. Unfortunately, the base is a bit too wide to fit on most picnic table seats, so your child will have to sit on the ground.  I also wish it had a 5-point restraint instead of just 3-point.  Still, it’s a super-sturdy, lightweight chair which is practical for camping.

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4. Melissa & Doug Camping Chairs

 melissa and doug kids camping chairs

Best for: A super cute, cheap camping chair

  • Weight capacity: 125lbs
  • Chair weight: 2.7lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 25.5 x 24.5 x 15”
  • Folded dimensions: 23.7 x 6.7″
  • Seat height: not listed
  • Age range: 3-5
  • Buy here

These kids camping chairs are incredibly popular and get put on every “best” list out there.   Young kids will like the cute designs.  No, the chairs aren’t just a cute gimmick: they actually do hold up over several years’ of use.  However, don’t expect older kids to be able to comfortably use the chair.  The construction isn’t as solid as the REI chair above, but that does make the chair lighter.  I’m not sure about the seat height as it isn’t listed anywhere, but the chair seems appropriate for ages 3-5 years old.

Get It Here 

5. Wilcor Kids Folding Camp Chair

Best For: A cute camping chair for slightly older children

  • Weight capacity: 125lbs
  • Chair weight: 3.9 lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 28 x 24 x 15”
  • Folded dimensions: 26″ x 4″ x 5″
  • Seat height: 11”
  • Age range: 4-6 years
  • Buy Here

If you want a cute kids camping chair but for slightly older children, these ones by Wilcor are great. They are very sturdy but weighs under 4lbs.  Unlike the Melissa & Doug chairs, the seat height is actually listed.  At 11 inches high, this chair is best for kids from 4 years old (despite the fact the manufacturer says 2 years old).  The chair should be fine for most kids up to 6 years olds. After that the seat will be too cramped.

Get It Here

6. Summer Pop n’ Sit Big Kid Chair

Best for: Camping chair for little kids with a removable canopy

  • Weight capacity: 50lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 22.8 x 24 x 15”
  • Folded dimensions: 7.38 x 9.5 x 23”
  • Seat height: 11”
  • Age range: 3-5
  • Buy Here

This same company makes a baby camping chair which I like a lot.  Their “Big Kid Chair” is still relatively new and I haven’t personally tried it out.  Unfortunately, they don’t give too much info on the chair either.  Despite this, the chair is still worth considering if you want a canopy.  It’s one of the only sturdy camping chairs with a removable canopy.  It also has nice features like a storage pocket in the back along with a drink holder pocket.

The seat is only 12 inches wide and 11 inches front-to-back, so it’s best suited for younger children.  Older children up to 50lbs can use the chair too, but their head might bump the canopy.

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7. ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair

Best for: An adult chair that kids of all ages can use too

  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Chair weight: 6.8lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 24 x 22 x 14”
  • Folded dimensions: 8 x 28”
  • Seat height: 9”
  • Age range: All ages
  • Buy Here

This camping chair is a low camping chair which is meant for adults.  However, because the seat height is just 9 inches, it is also suitable for children too.  You’ll appreciate the fact that the chair is ridiculously sturdy and won’t tip over (which will make you calmer around the campfire).

The issue with using a low adult chair for children is that the seat is still very deep.  If your kid sits back in the chair, their feet will not touch the ground.  I actually like this for very little kids: they can sit cross-legged (which my kids prefer anyway). Toddlers are also used to having their legs completely extended in strollers, and the chair depth is long enough for that.

A lot of adults like this low chair to sit in while playing on the ground with their kids.  I will warn you though that it sucks to get out of such a low chair.  Still, it’s something you and your kids can use for years.

Get It Here

8. Kelsyus Canopy Chair

Best for: Camping or beach chair with a canopy for very little kids

  • Weight capacity: 75lbs
  • Chair weight: 4.8lbs
  • Unfolded dimensions (H x W x D): 32 x 22 x 15”
  • Seat height: 8”
  • Age range: 2-4
  • Buy Here

A lot of people absolutely love this camping chair because it has a built-in canopy.  The canopy folds down to become the carry case.  While the canopy isn’t removable, it can be folded back if you don’t want to use it.

The canopy does make the chair bulky when folded.  However, it’s still a lightweight camping chair at under 5lbs (though another product listing puts the weight at 6lbs). The seat height is only 8 inches, which means that your 2 year old’s feet should actually touch the ground.

Despite the 75lb weight limit, this camping chair is only suitable for kids up to around 4 years old.  After that, your kids will be too tall and their heads will bump on the canopy.  The brand also makes this chair in plain blue.

Get It Here

9. Foam Camping Pad

baby around campfire

Do your kids really need their own camping chair? I’m a minimalist camper and most of the time my kids and I just sit on a foam sleeping pad.  It’s lighter, easier to pack, they can lie down on it, and I don’t have to worry about them falling out.   I usually take a pad on hikes too so we can sit on it during breaks.

For sitting on, I prefer smooth pads (as opposed to ridged or bumpy sleeping pads) since they are easier to clean and don’t get gunked up as easily.  Most foam pads cost less than $20 and will last for years.

Get It Here


Choosing the Right Camping Chair for Your Kids

Since this will probably be the only chair your children have to sit on while camping, make sure you get the right one.   Here’s what you need to consider to get the right chair for your kids:


Weight Limit

Try to get a camping chair with a higher weight limit.  Not only will your kids be able to use the camping chair longer, but a high weight limit is a sign of a well-made chair.


Height from Ground

A lot of kids camping chairs are stupidly high off the ground.  The high center of gravity means the chair is more likely to fall over.  Young children might need help getting down from a tall camping chair.  Another major issue: their feet won’t rest on the ground.   There aren’t any standard seat heights, but below is what Montessori recommends.

AgeSeat Height



Please do NOT get a beach-type of chair for camping!  These are not very stable and thus not very safe for sitting in front of a campfire.  Instead, look for 4 separate chair legs.  The wider the legs, the more stable the chair is.

These types of folding chairs (above) are not safe for uneven ground in front of a campfire!


I personally don’t find canopies useful while camping, but a canopy is useful if you want to use the chair on the beach too.  Just pay attention to the canopy height: tall kids (even within the weight limit of the chair) will likely hit their heads on the canopy.  A canopy also means the camping chair will be bulkier and heavier.


Will It Grow with Your Kid?

If the camping chair actually fits your child well, they will grow out of it quickly.  If you have a young child and want the chair to last for more years, look for one which is low to the ground but still has a high weight limit – like the Coleman Kids Quad chair which is just 10.2 inches off the ground but has a weight limit of 160lbs.


Cute Designs

My kids annoyingly are more likely to use something if it has cute designs on it.  There are plenty of cute camping chairs for kids – just think about whether your kids will still like the design next year or whether the design is gender-neutral enough for another child to inherit the chair later down the road.


Image credit: “Setting up camp in Seneca Rocks this wee” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by dionhinchcliffe
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