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Best Snow Suits for Crawling Babies and Young Toddlers

best snow suits and buntings for babies and toddlers

I am not the type of person who handles being cooped up inside well, so it was really important that I could get outside with my daughters even in cold, winter weather. This meant having a very good baby snow suit.

There surprisingly aren’t that many good snow suits for babies or toddlers.  There are even fewer options if you want to let your little one crawl around in the snow.  I’ll go over the options here, their pros and cons, as well as some advice for getting the right snow suit for your baby.


Quick Picks:

Best Overall: Columbia Snuggly Bunny
Why? It’s warm, high-quality and not bulky so your child can move around easily

Best for Very Cold Weather: Jan & Jul Snow Suit
Why? This is one of the only baby/toddler snowsuits with a temperature rating. It’s good down to -13F!

Best for Slush and Mild Winters: Therm Kids All-Weather Onesie (Canadian store here)
Why? It’s not the warmest snowsuit but is waterproof and even has rubberized butt and knees.  It’s not bulky so your child can move freely.

Best Budget Pick: iXtreme Snow Suit
Why? It absorbs water so definitely not for snow play, but the price is right and it’s warm enough for stroller rides.

Best for Playing in the Snow:  Jan & Jul suit OR Columbia Lite + Therm Kids All-Weather Onesie
Why? The Jan & Jul suit is warm and waterproof, so your little one can actually sit and kneel in the snow.  If you want something less bulky and more versatile, choose the Columbia Lite bunting with a cheap rain suit over it.  The rain suit will fit your child without layers underneath in spring. 🙂


Can Babies and Toddlers Actually Play in the Snow?

baby in snow suit enjoying snow

I’m a strong believer that there is no such thing as “bad weather” – just bad clothes.  Both of my girls went outside in the snow as babies and young toddlers.  They loved being pulled in a baby sled. I made sure they were bundled up in layers and regularly checked to see if they were warm and dry.  Snow play did wonders to tire them out quickly, meaning that nap time was easier.

However, even with the right clothes, babies and toddlers shouldn’t be outdoors in freezing temperatures for long periods. 

Recommendations from pediatricians vary but most say that mobile babies and toddlers can be outside in the snow for just 15 to 30 minutes at a time. If the wind chill is below 0F, then you probably shouldn’t take your little ones outside at all, even in a stroller.

Tips Keeping Babies and Toddlers Safe in the Cold:

  • Bring a foam pad to sit on. The cold ground will literally suck the heat out of your baby. Having them sit on a foam pad will help prevent this. I use my camping pads but a yoga pad will also work.
  • Invest in good base layers. Quality base layers make all the difference when it comes to staying dry and comfortable. If you are on a tight budget, use it to get quality Merino wool base layers and a cheaper snow suit.  Not sure how to layer your baby? Read this guide to layering.
  • Be able to warm up quickly. If you are going to a park or somewhere else far from home to play, then make sure you have hand-warmer packets and warm drinks for your child.
  • Take the snow inside. If your main goal is to let your baby experience the snow, consider bringing the snow inside. You can put it in buckets and let your baby scoop it.
  • Make sure your baby is enjoying it! Some babies and toddlers love the experience of snow.  Others hate it. Don’t force the child upon  your child.  If they aren’t enjoying themselves, take them back inside.

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Not all babies enjoy the snow!


Best Snow Suits for Crawling Babies and Toddlers

All of the snow suits and buntings here are available in baby and toddler sizes.  They are all also one-piece suits and have fold-over hands and feet.

1. Jan & Jul Waterproof Puffer Snow Suit

jan jul baby toddler snow suit

Jan & Jul is a small Canadian brand which makes serious outerwear for kids.  Their baby puffer suit is brand new as of 2023.  It’s designed for serious cold and for outdoor play.

Unlike other brands where you have to guess to what temperatures the suit will keep your baby warm, Jan & Jul actually has a warmth rating: -13F (-25C).  The material is such a good quality that it’s still breathable, so your child won’t end up sweaty.

The suit also has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm, which means your toddler can sit or kneel in snow without getting wet.  They can even trample through some slush without getting wet (sitting in slush for prolonged periods will let some water through though).

The only real downside of this snow suit is that it’s bulky.  However, any snow suit which is this warm is going to be bulky.  So, if winters don’t get really cold where you live, choose one which isn’t so warm (like the Columbia suit below).


  • 10,000mm waterproof rating shell
  • 200g/sq. meter of synthetic insulation
  • Sherpa fleece lining
  • Rated to -13°F
  • Breathability rating of 3000g/m2
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Asymmetrical zipper
  • Get it here


  • Warmth and waterproofness actually tested
  • Hood actually stays on
  • High quality materials and design
  • Pricy, but good value for the cost


  • Bulky
  • Only two designs
  • Zipper can snag easily

Get It Here


2. Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Down Snow Suit

columbia snuggly bunny snow suit for babies and toddlers

Columbia is a brand known for high-quality gear.  Yes, it is more expensive but you actually get what you pay for.  The “Snuggly Bunny” is their warmest baby/toddler snow suit.  While I haven’t tested it myself, a few moms said their toddlers were warm in the suit in 0 F weather.

It has down filling, which means it can trap heat without being huge and bulky like other snow suits.  There is a water-resistant shell and a soft micro-fleece lining. Overall, it’s really flexible so your toddler can move around easily in it.

Remember that down items should be fluffed before wearing.  If the down is compressed, it won’t be as warm.  Down also loses its insulation abilities if it gets wet, so I wouldn’t choose this one for slushy weather.  The synthetic suit by Columbia (below) or the Therm Kids suit is better for wet winter weather.


  • Water resistant shell
  • 450 fill power down insulation
  • Microfleece lining
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Asymmetrical zipper
  • Get it here


  • High-quality insulation means that the suit isn’t bulky
  • Actually warm in very cold weather
  • Flexible material for active little ones
  • Elasticized waist for better fit


  • It’s not cheap!
  • Hood doesn’t stay on well

Get It Here


3. Columbia Baby Powder Reversible Lite Bunting

columbia reversible baby toddler snow suit

Here’s another high-quality baby snow suit from Columbia.  It isn’t as warm as the one above but is good in freezing temperatures.  The snow suit isn’t bulky, so your little one can move around easily and it will fit in a car seat.

The Lite bunting uses Columbia’s “Thermarator” insulation, which is a type of synthetic fill which retains its insulating abilities even when wet.   This doesn’t mean you should let your baby crawl through slush though, especially since the shell is only water resistant and not waterproof.  However, it’s good for those transition months with sleeting rain.

The snow suit comes in lots of cute designs and is reversible.  Annoyingly though, the tag is visible when you reverse it.


  • Water resistant shell
  • Thermarator synthetic insulation
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Asymmetrical zipper
  • Get it here


  • Cute designs
  • Insulation retains warmth even while wet
  • Lightweight and not bulky


  • It’s not cheap
  • Tag shows when reserved
  • Hood doesn’t stay on well

Get It Here


4. Therm Kids All-Weather Onesie

therm kids all weather onesie

The All-Weather Onesie is actually my top pick for baby rain suits. It has a fleece lining but is not very warm. You will need a multiple layers underneath for cold temps and a puffer suit underneath for seriously cold weather.

However, you may want to consider this suit because it has a 10,000mm waterproof rating and rubberized bottom and knees.  You can literally plop your crawling baby on the muddy or wet ground without worrying that they will get wet.  This is fabulous for slushy winters.

There are tons of cute designs for the onesie and the materials are very high-quality.  I also love that Therm Kids is a small mom-owned brand which uses 100% recycled materials.


  • 10,000mm waterproof rating shell
  • Fleece lining
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Asymmetrical zipper
  • Get it here at Amazon or here at Therm Kids (Canadian store here)


  • Rubberized butt and knees
  • Not bulky and material is flexible
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Affordable price
  • Cute designs
  • Cool small brand


  • Not very warm

Get it here at Amazon or here at Therm Kids website (Canadian store here)

*Use code CAMPINGWITHMOM at checout to get 10% off your entire order!*


5. Snonook Baby and Toddler Snow Suit

Snonook Baby Powder Light Waterproof Snowsuit


This baby and toddler bunting suit by Snonook is a good choice for toddlers who are starting to walk.  That’s because it isn’t very thick or bulky.  The leg area has an extra gusseted panel which allows for easier movement.

Because it isn’t too thick, the snowsuit also isn’t the warmest. It should be warm down to wind chill temps of 20F.  If it is very cold or windy, you’ll want to put a rain suit over it.   The suit definitely isn’t waterproof, so not okay for snow play or slushy weather.

The quality of the snowsuit is just okay.  While it’s cheaper than the Columbia and Jan & Jul baby snowsuits reviewed above, I’d expect better quality for this price.  Still, it’s a good option for moderately-cold winters when you don’t want to pay for a pricier suit.


  • 200g synthetic filling
  • Water-resistant shell
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Asymmetrical zipper
  • Get it here


  • Not bulky
  • Designed for movement
  • Material isn’t slippery


  • Not very warm
  • Mediocre quality

Get It Here


6. iXtreme Boy’s Snowsuit

iXtreme Baby Snowsuit


The iXtreme snowsuit for babies and toddlers is really cheap.  As you’d expect from a cheap suit, the quality isn’t the best.  The material is thin and prone to tearing at the seams.  The fold-over hands are fine but the fold-over feet are too small, so basically useless.

The suit isn’t remotely waterproof.  If it is slushy or sleeting rain, your baby will get wet in it.  The suit definitely isn’t for snow play!  The shell material is also very slippery – not great if you need to carry your child in it!

On the plus side, the suit is surprisingly warm. If you just need a snow suit for stroller rides, this one is good enough.

Note: This snow suit for girls is basically identical to the iXtreme suit in terms of quality, warmth and price.


  • Synthetic insulation
  • Fleece lining
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Asymmetrical zipper
  • Get it here


  • Affordable
  • Warm but not too bulky


  • Absorbs water
  • Cheaply made
  • Slippery material
  • Only boy’s designs

Get It Here


How to Choose a Baby/Toddler Snow Suit

Water-Resistant or Waterproof Snow Suit?

crawling baby in snow suit in snow

Most baby and toddler snow suits are water-resistant. This means that snowflakes or water droplets will bead up on the material and roll off.  For rides in the stroller or carrier, a water-resistant suit is fine.  Even in heavy snowfalls, a water-resistant material should keep your child dry.

However, if you plan on letting your baby or toddler play in the snow, get a waterproof suit.

Waterproof is important for snow play because babies and toddlers will be sitting and possibly crawling through the snow.  Their body heat will cause the snow to melt and the water will seep through the suit.  Getting wet can be seriously dangerous in cold weather (because of something called evaporative heat loss).  If you want your baby warm, they must be dry!

Note: Even if you don’t plan on letting your baby play in snow, a waterproof suit may be better.  For example, if they are going to daycare, you won’t have to worry about the waterproof suit being wet when you pick them up later.


Pro Tip: For versatility, get a puffer suit AND a waterproof suit

Have your child wear the puffer when in the stroller for walks.  Then put the waterproof suit over the puffer for snow play. Yes, it sucks to put an extra layer on – but this is the only way to ensure your baby stays warm while crawling around in cold weather.

To make this work, you’ll have to get a waterproof suit one size too large.

The great thing about this is that you can use the same rain suit in spring.  Your baby will have grown a bit by then, but the rains suit should still fit without all the layers underneath.

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Choose a One-Piece Suit

Forget about getting a two-piece snow suit for a baby or toddlers.  A one-piece suit is better for these reasons:

  • Easier to put on
  • Trap heat better
  • Won’t get snow inside
  • Baby’s backside is still covered when you do diaper changes


Quality Insulation = Less Bulky

baby playing in the snow in snow suit

All my years of camping have taught me that not all types of insulation are equal.  Good-quality insulation will trap heat just as well as crappy insulation which is twice as thick.

This matters because it is very hard for babies and toddlers to move when they are in a bulky suit (looking like wobbly little starfish in the snow!).  Toddlers already are unstable enough when walking, you don’t want to make it harder for them by adding 3 inches of bulk around their entire body.

Also, it’s impossible to get a car seat over a bulky snow suit.  The same goes for a lot of stroller straps.  Just something to keep in mind.


Choose a Snow Suit with Fold Over Hand Flaps

I have yet to find a way to keep mittens on a baby or toddler. A better solution is to get a snow suit which has fold over hand flaps.  This lets you close the suit so your baby’s hands stay warm.  Note that the hand flaps never have any actual insulation in them.  If your child will be touching snow, then put the flaps OVER their mittens.


Full Length Zipper is a Must

Even better, choose a snow suit which has TWO zippers.  This will make it a lot easier to do diaper changes.  It is also easier to get your baby in and out of a snow suit with two zippers.  If the snow suit only has one zipper, then ideally it should be diagonal.


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