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How to Make Campfire S’mores without Sticks

make smores without a roasting stick

It usually isn’t too difficult to find a suitable stick for roasting marshmallows.  But, if you really can’t find any sticks around, here are 7 ways to make s’mores without a stick.


1. Set It Next to the Fire

The easiest way to make s’mores without sticks is to simply set your s’more next to the fire, preferably on a hot rock or fireproof plate. This won’t get the exterior of the marshmallow crispy but it will melt it a bit.


2. Tinfoil

smores on tinfoil

Make a little “tray” out of tinfoil, compile your s’more, put it into the foil tray and put the tray on the grill rack over the fire. Wait until the marshmallow has had time to melt before carefully removing them.   Just remember that tinfoil is flammable so you’ll need to keep it well away from the flames.


3. Grill Rack

smores on grill rack

If you have a roasting rack, you can make the s’more directly on top of it.  This method tends to be very messy though. Expect lots of marshmallow to leak all over the rack.


4. Cast Iron Pan

smores on cast iron pan

Put the s’mores in a cast iron pan and set it over the fire. Note that whatever is closer to the bottom of the pan will melt faster. To get better results, melt the chocolate on one graham cracker and the marshmallow on another cracker and then assemble. Line the pan with tinfoil to make cleanup easier.


5. Blow Torch or Lighter

smores with torch

Use a lighter or torch to set the marshmallows on fire, blow out, and then assemble your s’mores.  You don’t want to slowly roast them over a lighter because they’ll end up tasting like butane.


6. Large Knife

smores on knife

As you can see in the picture, a large survival knife comes in handy for roasting marshmallows without a stick.


7. Fork

smores on fork

While it is possible to roast a marshmallow on a fork, it generally isn’t a good idea.  The heat will transfer down to the handle, meaning you could quickly burn your hand.  Also remember to take the marshmallow off the fork before eating because the fork tines will be HOT!


Want to make s’mores the traditional way so they are crispy on the outside and gooey inside? Check out these roasting sticks plus tips for making your own.

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