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Best Baby Rain Booties, As Chosen by Outdoorsy Parents

best baby rain booties

I would go crazy if I stayed indoors with my baby during bad weather. A baby rain suit and waterproof booties let us get outdoors regardless of the weather. Rain boots are actually pretty hard to find for infant and crawling babies. Here I’ll go over some of the best baby rain boots, options for improvising your own, and how to keep booties on your baby’s feet.


Best Baby Rain Booties

Playshoes Waterproof Rain Footies

Playshoes baby rain booties

Best for: Crawling babies, shoe cover for early walkers

Playshoes is a German brand which makes a lot of great rain gear for babies and little kids. Their booties are sized to fit a toddler but will work great for babies too.  The booties will be a bit baggy on a baby but it won’t bother your baby while crawling.  The larger sizes can also go over shoes when your baby starts walking.

I love how high up the booties go because it helps keep them from falling off.  There is also an elastic band with a snap to help keep the boots on.  I wish there were multiple snaps so you could adjust the tightness though.  They are machine washable but you’ll get a lot more life out of them if you hand-wash in cold water.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Lots of color options
  • Elastic top plus elastic snap band around ankle
  • Can be worn over socks or shoes
  • Buy Here


Baby Bogz Rain Boots

Baby Bogs rain boots

Best for: Babies starting to walk

The brand Bogs is really well-known for their unique style of rain boots.  Bogs rain boots are completely waterproof. However, they are quite short and have openings on the side, so your baby won’t be able to jump or crawl through big puddles with these.  Because water can drip into the boots, a lot of reviewers complain that Bogs aren’t really water. Make sure you put your baby’s rain pants over the boots instead of tucking the pants inside; this will help keep water out.

Compared to other baby booties, the sole on Baby Bogs is a bit thicker and sturdier. That’s what makes these a good pick for babies starting to walk.  They are too bulky for crawling babies; the boots will drag in the ground.  The boots have waterproof insulation in them so are quite warm.  You can apparently wash these booties in the machine but I wouldn’t recommend it.


  • Lots of cute designs
  • Insulated
  • Semi-firm sole
  • Rated to 14 degrees F
  • 5” tall, 7” circumference opening
  • Buy Here


Stonz Baby Booties

Stonz baby rain booties

Best For: Cold weather, feet dangling from carrier/stroller

These are one of the only baby booties which really won’t fall off.  They have two drawstring toggles which keep the boots securely in place.  Just note that they are NOT completely waterproof.  The booties are water-resistant, which means water will mostly fall off of them.  If your baby crawls through a deep puddle, her feet will end up wet.  Because of that, these booties are best for hiking in cold weather with a baby or situations where your baby’s feet dangling out of a carrier or stroller.


  • Water-resistant
  • Cute designs
  • Two drawstring toggles
  • Soft, non-slip CPMA-certified soles (toddler version has rubber soles)
  • Nylon outer with fleece lining
  • Buy Here


Randy Sun Waterproof Breathable Ankle Socks

waterproof socks for baby

Best For: Alternative solution

These obviously aren’t baby rain booties but they are actually better in some ways. For starters, the socks are 100% waterproof but still have a good breathability. The socks are made out of three layers: the outer layer is mostly nylon.  The mid layer contains the waterproof membrane and the inner layer wicks sweat.

If you layer a few pairs of wool socks on your baby and put these waterproof socks on top, your baby’s feet will actually stay quite warm. Pull the waterproof sock all the way up over your baby’s legs and they won’t fall off even the squirmiest baby.  Just make sure you get ankle or mid-height waterproof socks. The calf-high adult socks will be way too big on your baby’s legs!

Buy Here


SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Waterproof Ankle Socks

sealskinz waterproof socks as a baby bootie

Best For: Another great alternative solution

Here is another brand of waterproof socks.  They are more expensive than the Randy Sun socks above. However, these ones are lined with wool so a bit warmer.  They are also a bit more durable. Once your baby doesn’t need them anymore, you can use them yourself. It will seem hilarious that you and your baby are sharing clothes!

Buy Here


How to Keep Baby Booties from Falling Off

The first pair of waterproof booties I got for my daughter was really cheap.  The booties would always fall off. Once she started crawling they’d last a few seconds on her feet before coming off. I eventually got a better pair which stayed on better – and learned these tricks to baby booties on.

  • Drawstrings are better than Velcro: Velcro closures never get tight enough for a good fit. Velcro sometimes comes undone while babies are crawling around. Velcro also gets fuzz/dirt stuck in it and then loses its sticking strength, so drawstrings tend to be better for baby booties.
  • Choose booties with multiple drawstrings: One drawstring is good but two drawstrings are even better.
  • Put the pants over the booties: You can even put a hair band over the pants to help hold everything in place.
  • Get a rain suit with foot straps: Put the straps over completely over the booties. These not only keep your baby’s booties from falling off, but will keep the rain suit from riding up.
  • Double-sided tape trick: If your baby is wearing tights, then put little pieces of double-sided tape or tacky strips on the bottom. The booties might still fall off but it will take longer. When they do fall off, they’ll be stuck to the tights so you are less likely to lose them.

These Velcro rain booties constantly fell off my baby.



Improvised Baby Rain Booties

Don’t want to buy rain booties for your baby?  There are a lot of ways to improvise your own.

  • Umbrella bags: These are usually completely waterproof and very cheap. Just put them over your baby’s feet and use some hair bands to hold in place.
  • Plastic bags: These are not breathable or comfortable. So, make sure your baby isn’t wearing cotton socks as they will get sweaty and wet. Instead, choose wool or fleece socks underneath the bag.
  • Waterproof drawstring bags: Such as ones used for toiletries or ponchos.
  • Waterproof mittens: Kid’s sized waterproof mittens should fit a baby’s feet well. Look for ones which have adjustable wrist straps and the mittens will stay on your baby’s feet better.
  • Large dog booties: These are usually much cheaper than waterproof baby booties. The large size should fit small infants.
  • Waterproof hiking socks: As mentioned in the reviews, there are some cool brands of waterproof socks. Put these over your baby’s normal socks.  Because the adult socks go over your baby’s entire legs, they take a lot longer to fall off.

Do you have any advice about rain booties to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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